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I wouldn't want there to be Doctor/Clara serious relationship happening right after River because it wouldn't feel right imo but I do love Clara and I think you are spot on in pointing out the similarities and differences in RTD/Moffat. It seems to me that Moffat is testing (in the same way he did with Sherlock and the same way Skyfall did for Bond) what aspects of the old doctor who show can work for a modern audience.

s5 he ditched the companion/doctor love angle by getting Amy to choose Rory and then changed expectations again by having Rory join the TARDIS, s6 had three companions and got the doctor married to River thus giving him a family despite an absence of time lords and s7 now gives the doctor a retro feel with the new TARDIS interior and credits and a very unconventional companion (hello romana/rani/insert time lord here)

Yes, this right here. It's not Amy so much that rings bells for me, it's River. The Doctor is still married, and despite all of the flirty dialogue, references to dating Nestene duplicates with swappable heads, etc., the Doctor and River have been depicted as faithful to each other. However, there is a group of fans that believe that the Doctor is post-Towers and believes he might never see River again, so it'll cause a good bit of storytelling once that's revealed not to be true (Interviews with Matt, Alex, and Caro Skinner have confirmed River is coming back at some point.)

I just don't really want too much of an unrequited crush there. I'd just like good old friendship, and likewise, the Doctor and Martha were best when she was a friend.

Now you make me want to see Martha meet Clara. They'd get on famously.

wow, when you look at it like this, Amy's story really resembles Rose's save for the fact that it develops in a different way. it will be really good if 11th Doctor's second companion is treated better than 10th's was.

Great meta, and I completely agree with you on everything :]. *Nods* Amy's story was very Rose-like, except, as you said, it developed differently, and Amy's choice about who to spend her life with was the complete opposite of Rose's— she chose "the devoted, loving boyfriend" over the Doctor.

I think you're right about the direction Moffat & company are going to take Clara's relationship with the Doctor, too. *Nods* I think Clara may actually end up being the most unique companion in New Who thus far, for two reasons:
1. She's died and come back to life twice in as many episodes (with her, mind you).

2. The Doctor gave her a key to the TARDIS more or less immediately after meeting her. I don't think he's ever done that in New Who, even with Rose (if I remember correctly, it wasn't until, maybe, S2 that she got one, but I might be wrong about that).

This is beautiful! All the love for the second girl! <3

I love this so much and reblogged in Tumblr. :)

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